Indonesian Welfare Association Inc

ABOUT Indonesian Welfare Association (IWA)

Indonesian Welfare Association Inc. (IWA) is a not-for-profit community based organisation.

The Association has no political or religious affiliation.

The association is operated and managed by a Management Committee who is responsible for the overall administration, financing, recruitment and policy decisions for the Association.  It also comprises of many volunteers who are willing to give their time and skill to help the Indonesian community.

Since its establishment, IWA offers a wide range of services and support not only for newly arrived Indonesian-speaking migrants but also to the broader members of the Indonesian community in Sydney metropolitan area.

IWA responds to the growing welfare needs of the Indonesian community in Sydney -Australia by providing services that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.

IWA also participates in promoting awareness of multiculturalism, to make Australia a better place for all who call Australia, home.

IWA works “from the community to the community”.


The association (IWA) was first initiated by a few people who care and concerned about the circumstances faced by some members of the Indonesian community in Sydney and where there was no ethno-specific Indonesian service to assist them or cater for their needs. Consequently IWA was formed in a direct response to the need of the Indonesian community for a welfare service for those who use Indonesian as the main language in expressing their problems and feelings.

In the beginning, IWA worked in collaboration with Burwood Community Welfare Services (BCWS) as its consultation base office, also a volunteer’s private house as its administration. Some volunteers also assist the community in providing information, support and referral. 

On 11th of March 1997, the Indonesian Welfare Association was eventually incorporated.

With the decline of economic and political situation in Indonesia in 1998, there was a big increase in the number of recent arrival from Indonesia. Therefore, the need for a specific support required to work with some traumatized victims and their families in Sydney increased, so was the service of the IWA.

Over the following year, in September 1999, IWA was acknowledged and granted funding from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (formerly named DIAC) under Settlement Grants Program – SGP (formerly known as Community Settlement Services Scheme – CSSS).

Thereafter in 2007, IWA received another important funding from Department of Health and Ageing, under Community Partners Program (CPP) to assist older people from Indonesian community to be able to comprehend and access quality and appropriate aged care services.

Successively, IWA has also received and managed several grants from other funding agencies. For example: NSW Office of Fair Trading, Community Relation Commission (CRC), NSW Ministry for the Arts, Canterbury Council, City of Sydney Council, City of Ryde Council, etc.

IWA continuously provides important support and assistance to the Indonesian-speaking community in accessing information and access as well as in increasing their knowledge and raising their awareness to appropriate community services.