Indonesian Welfare Association Inc

Current Programs


The Indonesian Welfare Association (IWA) established its first support group in 2002 in Marrickville. The aim was to provide support for the newly arrived members of the Indonesian community to come together, empower and build social network, as well as to provide information and assisting in their orientation to all aspects of life in Australia.

At present, the Indonesian Welfare Association has managed to establish 5 other groups for the Indonesian community in Sydney. They are located around the Sydney metropolitan areas, i.e. in Alexandria, Maroubra, Punchbowl, Rouse Hill and West Ryde.

The groups offer a wide range of programs and activities, include:

  • Promoting healthy & active lifestyle
  • Providing women support, education & information
  • Encouraged participation, social & recreational activities
  • Promoting positive ageing program
  • Promoting increased participation with other communities


IWA Punchbowl Group

Every Tuesday, 11:00am - 2:00pm

Women’s Support Group, Cooking Demo, Seminar, Picnic, Exercise, Lunch

This is a support group for Indonesian-speaking women, and women with young children, who meet up, share common interest, enjoy each other’s company, provide mutual support and share information. It aims to enrich the lives of Indonesian women and children, and hence the family.

Punchbowl Community Centre 44 Rossmore Avenue, Punchbowl Supported by Canterbury Council


IWA Maroubra Group

Every Wednesday, 10:00am - 3:00pm

Karaoke, Line Dance, Seminar, Picnic, Lunch

This is a support group for Indonesian men and women with regular meetings and activities that promote healthy and active living, including singing (karaoke), physical activity – dancing/exercise, information, excursion/social outings and morning tea/lunch. It also aims at developing friendship and networks, increasing emotional happiness, self-confidence and new skills.

Maroubra Senior Citizens Hall 6 Alma Road, Maroubra Supported by Randwick City Council


IWA Senior Group

First & Third Wednesday, 10:30am - 1:00pm

Seminar, Gentle Exercise, Picnic, Morning tea/Lunch

This is a social support group especially for older members of the Indonesian community and their Carers. It provides various activities which aims at reducing social isolation, enhancing interaction between the participants, and improving overall well-being and independence. It encourages group activities, which benefiting both their social health as well as their physical health. For example gentle exercises, health education seminar, arts & craft, knitting, and picnic/ educational outings to places of interest, recreational activities and morning tea/lunch together.

West Ryde Community Hall 3-5 Anthony Road, West Ryde Supported by City of Ryde Council


IWA City Group

Every Friday 10.30 am - 1.30 am

Friday 1-3 : Yoppy's Dance

Friday 4: Art/English Therapy

Friday 1-3: Zoom English Class

Line Dance

This is a social support group for Indonesian community, men & women & elderly that promotes social interaction among members, friends and other diverse community members. The line dance activities promote healthy and active living. By participating in this program, the members are not only connected with the community, but also focussed on staying healthy and active.

Tote Building 100 Joynyon Ave, Zetland


IWA Rouse Hill Group

Friday 2, 10.30am – 1.30pm

Cooking Demo, Arts & Craft, Line Dance, Seminar, Lunch Vinegar Hill Memorial Library (Rex Money Room)

This is a social support group for Indonesian community who share similar interests; ideas and provide mutual support. The aim is to provide an opportunity to come together, learn, do and share, which will strengthen relationships. It will also improve a sense of community life through greater community spirit.

29 Main St, Rouse Hill Town Centre Supported by Hills Shire Council


On air every Monday & Tuesday 7-8 pm

Duta Nusantara @2TripleO on 98.5 FM is a community radio broadcasting in Indonesia language in Sydney


  • To provide entertainment and information to the community in Indonesian language with the diverse range of Indonesian music and culture.
  • To become a connecting hub for the Indonesian listeners community
  • To raise awareness of services available for migrants (or non-English speaking background)
  • To broadcast local communal information and educational news
  • To inform the Indonesian community in Sydney with up to date news and information
  • To support multiculturalism in Australia and encourage community integration