Indonesian Welfare Association Inc



The Indonesian Welfare Association is founded with heartfelt conviction, with the aim of helping Indonesian people in Sydney, Australia to lighten the load of their anguish, by providing important facilities and services that make life worth living.

We are convinced that no matter how small our involvement or assistance to humanity, it has the highest value for those who are in need of it.


Trust,  Respect,  Care,  Support,  Empower,  Strengthen.

That values of love, care, respect, justice, honesty and openness ~ form the basis of our growth as people and our involvement in society.


To assist and deliver the highest quality welfare services to people of Indonesian speaking background and strive to be responsive to their needs with professionalism and efficiency.


  • To provide social services to the Indonesian community in Sydney.
  • To assist and encourage in the integration and settlement of Indonesian people in the Australian community.
  • To promote the recognition of and respect for the contribution of the Indonesian speaking community to the wider Australian society.
  • To encourage projects and activities that promote cooperation, good working relationships and harmony with other organizations and the wider communities.
  • To encourage and facilitate the formation of self-help groups of Indonesian community, e.g: Women, Men, Elderly and Family Support.
  • To assist, encourage, participate in, and undertake those activities which promote the welfare, social, cultural and educational interests of members.
  • To assist mainstream service providers to address gaps in service provision.
  • To foster and promote Indonesian arts, language, dance, music and other activities consistent with Indonesian culture and custom.
  • To promote voluntarism and community caring.