1. PESTA NATAL LANSIA 2005 – 2019

The event is an annual celebration dedicated especially for our older members of the Indonesian community and their carers in Sydney. IWA worked in partnership with some Indonesian churches in Sydney has held this event for the 15th time since 2005.


2. IWA Carers Celebration 2011 – 2016

The project aims at providing some opportunities to share experiences, to show kindness and how we appreciate others. At the same time some entertainment and luncheon were organised to show our appreciation to the irreplaceable contribution Carers make to their families and community



  • Acknowledge carers and generate awareness of the irreplaceable contribution they make to individuals, families and communities.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of carers and the caring role.
  • Provide support to the general health and wellbeing of carers
  • Learn new skills for your caring role

3. IWA Seniors Week Celebration 2013 – 2019

NSW Senior Week provides programs and activities that enable older Australians to remain, active, healthy and engaged during the NSW Seniors Festival.

It encourages seniors in NSW to enjoy new experiences, continue learning, stay active and connect to their communities.


  • Fostering partnerships with community groups and services
  • Connect seniors with relevant services and information

  • The event will provide an opportunity for members of the target community who are otherwise isolated and lonely, to come together and meet local diverse community, and be included in community activities
  • The projects will empower older people to stay connected, make new friends and enhance interaction with others.



Funded by Community Relations Commission (CRC)

The project aims were:

  • To promote community harmony and active participation in the Australian society
  • To organise information/community awareness through seminars, editorials and radio programs on different topics
  • To provide a focal point of entry for people seeking information.

4.2 CELEBRATE DIVERSITY DAY                  2015

  • Funded by City of Canterbury
  • Supported by Indonesian, Korean, Vietnam, Indian community groups, and IWAN Women’s Group, IWA Senior, IWA City Group, IWA Maroubra Group, IWA Rouse Hill.
  • The day offered a cultural activity that promotes and shares the rich culture and tradition of Indonesia (music, dance, food) with other communities in the City of Canterbury.


  • Funded by City of Canterbury
  • Supported by Indonesian, Korean, Bangladesh & Chinese community groups.


  • The celebration aims at providing some experience of the diverse culture and exchanging some activities together with other communities (i.e. Chinese, Bangladeshi, Indonesian Groups) in the City of Canterbury through music, dance, food and performances.


Funded by Multicultural NSW

Working in partnership with: Relationship Australia & City of Ryde,

Supported by: Relationships Australia Community Hub Ryde, Chinese Meadowbank Group, Chai Time Singers Group, Christian Community Aid (CCA) and IWA Women’s Group, IWA City Group, IWA Maroubra Group.

The project aims at increasing social inclusion, awareness, tolerance towards diversity and develop harmonious and equitable society.


  • To promote the importance of diversity and exchange cultures through interaction involving members and other communities in the Cultural Performances, Costumes Parade, Arts & Crafts Workshop and Food.
  • To promote social cohesion, community harmony and active participation in the Australian society
  • Working in partnership with other organisations in planning and organising this event.


5.1        “Senior Mental Health Day” & ”Share The Journey”             2015 & 2018

Small Grants Program

Funded by Mental Health Association NSW

Guest Speaker: Indonesian Psychologist – Mingga Anggawan

The project aimed at bringing awareness towards mental health issues by focusing on providing some opportunities for the target community to share their life stories (their migration journey) according to the theme “Share the Journey”.

The project promoted community interaction, social networking and interpersonal connection with others in the community, which improved sense of well-being. It has also used as a vehicle to build a deeper understanding and connection of each other and helped build a sense of belonging, new relationships and enhancing group support.

5.2        “Banana Day”                            2013 – 2016

IWA worked in partnership with South Sydney Community Aid (SSCA) organised several events yearly in support of Mental Health Month NSW.

The theme of the Mental Health Awareness Month of October was ‘Go Nanas, Bring a Banana’

We organised creative activities, including a rhythm dancing, art therapy, games and singing and also other creative activities, which can improve mental health and wellbeing.


IWA 20th Anniversary-2017

IWA Liwetan Dinner

Oldies But Goodies

Queens at Heart

IWA Liwetan Lunch