Indonesian Welfare Association Inc

Previous Funded Projects (1999-2019)

  1. SETTLEMENT GRANTS PROJECT (SGP) (1999 – 2012 & 2014)                

Funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).


The Settlement Grants Program (SGP) was a Federal Government grant program, which provided funding to organisations to help new arrivals to settle successfully in Australia so that they may participate as full members of the Australian society.

The projects focused on building self-reliance and fostering connections with mainstream services in the early settlement period.


  • To deliver services which assist individuals/groups in the settlement services
  • To assist target group to become self-reliant and participate equitably in Australian society as soon as possible after arrival
  • To increase the capacity of new arrivals to access mainstream services directly, through provision of information, casework and referral, development of life skills and greater familiarity with the Australian service environment.
  • To develop strong and sustainable links with mainstream services providers
  • To assist and advice mainstream service providers on the special needs of the target group. This may include (but is not limited to) lobbying, providing information, networking or liaising with mainstream agencies, government departments and other service

Funded by the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA).


CPP was a Federal Government grant program, which provided funding to organisations under Community Partners Program to assist aged people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds in accessing aged care services.


The core objective of the program was to promote and facilitate increased and sustained access by CALD communities with significant aged care needs to residential aged care and aged care support services.



  • To promote awareness and increase access of the older Indonesian people to a range of aged care services
  • To promote the provision of more culturally and linguistically appropriate aged care for the Indonesian community by working with Residential and Aged Care Service providers
  • To establish linkages with aged care service providers and assists them to make appropriate changes to care delivery to enhance the cultural appropriateness of care for older members of Indonesian community

To facilitate and develop appropriate aged care resources for older Indonesian community

The target group was older people from Indonesian community in Northern and Western Sydney aged care-planning region.

  1. C0MMUNITY SERVICES GRANTS (2009 – 2016)

   Funded by City of Sydney Council


Community Service Grants was a Council grants for community organisations that work in or for the City of Sydney LGA (Local Government Area) that provided significant benefits to the city community through the development and delivery of activities, projects or resources. The services provided assistance to meet the needs of the diverse city community, in particular the needs of the more disadvantaged residents.



To provide a drop-in service to help members of the Indonesian community in dealing with their welfare needs.


  • To support projects, events and activities occurring within the City of Sydney LGA.
  • To foster or provide new services, initiatives and resources which address the needs of the City communities.
  • To improve awareness and use of services and resources in the City.
  • To create opportunities which develop the knowledge, skills and confidence of community members.
  • To encourage increased participation in local activities, building a greater sense of community.
  • To complement existing services, programs and resources provided by Council, government agencies and non-government providers.
  • To strengthen formal and informal support networks; reduce isolation and increase community participation and opportunities especially for the target people with the greatest need.

4. Cultural Grants and Sponsorships Program (2009-2012)

Funded by City of Sydney Council


The Cultural Grants and Sponsorships Program was a Council Grants to provide support for cultural organisations and organisations undertaking cultural activities in or benefiting the City of Sydney’s LGA.  

The City of Sydney recognises that arts and culture can provide significant social capital and contribute greatly to community well-being, engagement and skills development.  Participation in cultural activities can reduce isolation, encourage community participation and provide opportunities for all members of the community to articulate and express their life experiences, aspirations and visions


  • To encourage increased participation in local community and cultural activities, building a greater sense of community.
  • To improve awareness and use of cultural and community services and resources in the City.
  • To enable general community and visitors to participate in and enjoy the widest cultural experience, to combat social exclusion
  • To contribute to a vibrant cultural and community life in the City of Sydney
  • To foster partnerships with organisations working in, or supporting cultural activities and promote the engagement of volunteers.


The Aim of Indonesian Cultural Day (ICD) was to promote and share the rich culture and tradition of Indonesia with the wider community in Sydney.

ICD celebration was an annual one-day event featuring extensive program of entertainment and Indonesian cultural performances such as traditional dances, music, workshops, costume parades, food, art & craft display and information stalls.


IWA has organised and successfully implemented 5 ICD event celebrations in 2009,

2010 – Indonesian Cultural Day (ICD)

2012 – Indonesian Cultural Exchange Day (ICED),

              Thank You Volunteers Luncheon

              Living in Harmony Gala Concert

2013 – Indo-Aus in a Day

              Sekaa Gong Tirta

2015 – Youth week “Growing Together”

  1. T.A.R.I (Traditional Art and Rhythm of Indonesia) 2012 – 2013

    Funded by Community Relations Commission (CRC)

The project aimed to facilitate and develop cultural exchange activities between Indonesian and Australian cultures through dance, arts/craft and music.


  • To facilitate and develop artistic talents of young people from the diverse community in Sydney by providing training, workshops, presentation and promotion
  • Promotion of community harmony and mutual understanding within and between communities of different cultural, language or faith backgrounds
  • Promotion of the principles of multiculturalism and the advantages of a multicultural society,
  • Addresses critical community inclusion or participation issues at a local level


    Funded by the NSW Ministry for the Arts

The ‘Wayang Sydney’ project has brought together Indonesian women from diverse backgrounds to produce wide range of artworks, including paintings, written works and story telling. 


  • To strengthen Indonesian Australian community networks and infrastructure through the exploration of arts and craft.
  • Promote harmony and mutual understanding within the culturally diverse Indonesian Australian community and encourage participation by members of the wider community in cultural activities.


    Funding received from:

  • Community Relations Commission (CRC)           

  • City of Canterbury Council                    


  • To provide assistance towards the Indonesian Women’s Support Group Project at Punchbowl and Marrickville


  • Provide supportive environment
  • Increased knowledge of settlement and other issues
  • Encourage social interaction to help combat social isolation
  • Provide a sense of community spirit and mutual purpose

Better understanding of Australian Society


 Supported by NSW Office of Fair Trading

The Indonesian Welfare Association (IWA) has established a partnership with the NSW Office of Fair Trading since August 2002, and participated in the ethnic Consumer Rights Education Program – “Think Smart” initiatives. IWA has been actively promoting the consumer rights awareness to the Indonesian community through individuals, group works, seminars/Information Sessions and the Indonesian Radio programs.

NSW Office of Fair Trading has identified that there are lack of awareness about renting rights and responsibilities amongst culturally and linguistically diverse communities.


  • The Project aims at providing information and raising awareness of tenancy issues among the Indonesian community, by using ethnic Medias to reach the scattered Indonesian people in the Sydney Metropolitan areas.


  • To promote, inform and educate the Indonesian community of their rights and responsibilities as tenants, in the Indonesian language.
  • To provide innovative and practical solutions to help the Indonesian community better understand their renting rights & responsibilities.
  • To increase awareness of renting and tenancy-related information amongst the Indonesian community.
  • To act as a facilitator in referring community members to relevant services, e.g. NSW Office of Fair Trading, Rental Bond Board, Community Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT), etc.

9. SYDNEY 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES Community Hospitality Project (September 2000)

Special Multicultural Initiative Project

Funded by Department of Immigration and Citizenship



The overall objective of Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG) Community Hospitality Project was to make visitors to and/or participants in the Games feel welcome and thus enhance Australia’s reputation as a culturally diverse harmonious and cosmopolitan society.

During the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games celebrations, the SOCOG ‘s Community Hospitality Project endorsed the Indonesian Welfare Association (IWA) to:

  • Provide a Hospitality/ Information Centre to make visitors feel welcome during their stay, and
  • Publish a guidebook “Panduan Olimpiade Sydney 2000” for the games participants and visitors.

IWA has also staged a successful Olympic Dinner Function for the official opening of the Hospitality/Information Centre and the launching of the guidebook.